What our patient have to say..

  • I have had neck and back problems, off and on, for several years due to falls on ice and being rear-ended on the interstate.  Dr. Bost has kept me going with excellent patient care.  She takes the time to listen to your symptoms and makes the appropriate adjustments.  She has been a blessing!

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  • I started seeing Dr. Bost in September 2014 due to a car accident, and I continued to see her through the duration of my pregnancy in 2015 to the present time.  She is highly skilled, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and has such a helping Spirit.  I truly appreciate the kind of work she does and the manner in which she does it.

    Show More - Shannon Y.
  • What a wonderful peaceful place that has a great overall experience.

    - Ondray C.
  • I love the chiropractor Leslie!. After she adjusts me My spine  feels fine! She also takes into consideration what kind of back problems I have. Other chiropractors have put me on the bed that goes up and down your spine, and I hated that! As part of my treatment it is not on her diagnosis, and I'm so thankful!  And no matter what they can always squeeze me in!

    Show More - Teresa W.
  • Dr. Bost is wonderful.  I always feel so much better after going and she always gives helpful advice

    - Charlene K.
  • I always love coming to see. Dr. Bost. She gives good advice for things like how to deal with allergies through pressure point and walks me through how to do it at home! I tell everyone about her.

    - Ashley
  • Dr Bost is amazing! She cares deeply for her patients and always makes you feel special.  She’s the best chiropractor I have ever seen!

    - Angela V.
  • After 15+ years of back pain I finally found someone absolutely amazing! Highly recommended!

    - Anna M.
  • Made an apt at 9:30am first time ever going to a chiropractor have to save best decision I made. I came in was greeted and told that I need to due some paperwork since I was a first time patient. They explained everything very well and I could understand it for the most part. Came in with pain left with none amazing have a adjustment can change your mood. Thank you.

    Show More - Anthony E.
  • I absolutely love Dr. Burt! I had never seen a chiropractor before, he made me feel safe and made sure I understand every step we took in treatment before we proceeded. Working my treatment plan with him has improved my mobility and ultimately my life. It was also a extremely lower price than I though it would be ( i pay out of pocket).  I will continue to go to him as long as I can.

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  • We love Dr. Bost!! My husband had knee pain from his work and he no longer has that pain. She has stopped my weekly migraines too.

    - Elizabeth H.
  • Had my first visit w Dr. Bost today. Already, I’m feeling better. I know this will be a slow process, but to have the non-stop pain relieved after the first session is more than I’ve experienced though PT and massage. I’m excited to see where we can go. Thank you, Doctor!!

    - Markuz Z.
  • I have been going to chiropractors off and on since I was 14 years old for my back and after a car accident in 2014 did a number on my neck requiring a fusion surgery Dr. Bost has been the only one who has continued to make me feel good without constantly making me stick to a weekly treatment schedule. I go in when I feel like I need an adjustment and my adjustments stick! She truly is amazing at her profession

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  • Doctor and staff were so friendly and helpful, they took my condition seriously and I will return for more adjustments!
    I highly recommend this provider.

    - Katherine G.
  • Dr Bost is great. My husband went on recommendation of his sister and it helped his neck and his back. I went with him and my back was out and she treated me and has every since and she keeps me going.  Ater doing 12 hour shifts she really helps me continue staying pain free.

    - Jamie G.

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